The Restored Cars

The Hogan V8-60 #7 The Fussell and Cartwright Offenhauser #7
The Johnny Pears/Capitol Motors Chevy II The Berco Holden #65
The Eric Morton Vagabond #23 The Mackay Offenhauser
The Edmunds Offenhauser The Peter Bruin VW #14
The Higgins Chevy II #30 The Gennetten VHT VW #21
The Ken Mullins VW #22

 The Hogan V8-60 #7


The car was built by Ron Hogan and first run in 1954. It's first driver was Ian Holden. The initially ill-handling car went through a number of owners (including the legendary Cyril Goldfinch) and underwent extensive modifications (to both to the suspension and body panels) before being purchased by Barry for the 1961-62 season. The car was certainly in its most competitive state during the 61-62 season when Barry drove it. The car has been restored to its original 1954 form (by John Stanley) and is owned by Garth Hogan (Ron's son) in NZ.

restored cars1 restored cars2
( Barry poses in the car at Western Springs pits in the 1961-62 season.
restored cars3 restored cars4
( Graham Standring tries out the car at a club meeting at Meremere in 2013. (
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 The Fussell and Cartwright Offenhauser #7


This fabulous, iconic car from the 1960s was restored by John Stanley and is owned by the Drinkrow family in Auckland. The car won the NZ Midget Car Championship 3 times driven by three greats of the sport (Barry Butterworth, Ian Holden and Trevor Morris). Barry won the 1965-66 NZ Champs in the car and it was fittingly present at his funeral held at Western Springs Stadium in Nov 1993. The car, powered by a V8-60 was originally brought into NZ by American Lowell Sachs in 1962-63, raced by Barry Handlin in 63-64 and Merv Neil in 64-65. Merv fitted an Offenhauser motor Bob Tattersall brought down as a spare with the Hollywood Spring and Axle Offy (#54). The car was then purchased by Lionel Fussell and Bill Cartwright who ran it between 1965 and 1970 with Butterworth, Holden and Morris as the drivers.

restored cars5 restored cars6
( Barry at the wheel of the F&C Offy at Western Springs during the 1965-66 season.
(Bruce Kent photo, from Western Springs Programme 1965)
restored cars7 restored cars8
(Colin Irwin photo sourced from John Stanley parades the beautifully restored car at Western Springs during the 1991-92 season.
(Colin Irwin photo sourced from
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 The Johnny Pears/Capitol Motors Chevy II


This car was driven by Barry as the Johnny Peers Chevy II (1966-67) and later purchased by him and run as the Capitol Motors Chevy II (68-69 and 69-70). Brother, Max, drove it in Sydney during the 70-71 season. It has been restored as the Capitol Motors Chevy II (68-69 livery) and is owned by Phil Christensen in NSW. The car was brought into Australia by American Bus Brosenne in the 1965-66 season fitted with a Buick motor. For the 1966-67 season, Johnny Peers fitted a Chevy II motor he had sourced from Johnny Stewart and gave the drive to Barry. It was later driven by Lew Marshall and Brian Mannion before being sold to Barry.

restored cars9 restored cars10
( Barry in the pits at the Royale in the Capitol Motors Chevy II.
restored cars11 restored cars12
( The restored Capitol Motors Chevy II (#27), driven by Max Butterworth, at the final meeting at the Sydney Royale Speedway on 27 April, 1996.
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 The Berco Holden #65


Barry raced the Eddie Dark-owned little Berco Holden for a short time at the end of the 66-67 season. It's more regular chauffers in the 60s were Kevin Park and Garry Rush. The car was originally built by Arthur Beasley for Alf to drive and was fitted with a Holden Motor in the the late 1950's and owned by Don Mackay, Jack Holebroe and the Dark family in Sydney. It was late sold to Bill Curnow. The restored car is owned by David Johnson in NSW.

restored cars13 restored cars14
( Barry in the little Berco Holden at the Royale in the 1966-67 season.
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 The Eric Morton Vagabond #23


Barry drove this car for a short time in late 1968 after he vacated the Mackay Offenhauser. The car was originally built by Ron Ward and raced for some time in Sydney by well-known car owner Eric Morton as the Morton Vagabond. Notable Sydney drivers, Garry McClenahan and Lew Marshall both raced the car for Morton. The car was restored by Russell Baker in Victoria and now owned by John Green in NSW.

restored cars15 restored cars16
( Barry in the Morton Vagabond facing the wrong way after tangling with Garry Rush at Liverpool in 1968.
(David Cumming photo, from Liverpool City Raceway. The Place of Pace by Tony Loxley, Full Throttle Publications, NSW)
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 The Mackay Offenhauser


This iconic car from Sydney was brought into Australia by American Leroy Warriner in 61-62 season and was then purchased by Don Mackay. The car was driven by such greats as Johnny Harvey, Jeff Freeman, Lew Marshall, Barry Butterworth (67-68 season) and a young Ron Mackay. Jeff Freeman died in the car at Westmead on Mother's day 1965 when he rolled cockpit first into the safety fence. The next season, Lew Marshall had a very successful season in the car. Barry's season had its ups and downs but he was competitive throughout. The restored car  (restored as #75 as driven by Jeff Freeman) is now owned in Sydney by "Rocket" Rod Bowen.

restored cars17 restored cars18
( Barry proudly poses in the most coveted ride in Sydney in the 1960's; one of Don Mackay's Offys. The ex-Warriner car was renumbered as #7 especially for Barry but later reverted to #76 while Barry was still driving it.
(From Australian Speedway-'68, Sport magazine Pty, NSW)
restored cars19 restored cars20
( (From - Restored Racers)
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 The Edmunds Offenhauser


Barry purchased this car from Blair Shepherd in late 1970 and drove it in the 70-71 season in Sydney and the 71-72, 72-73 and 73-74 seasons in Auckland. The car ran as Aust #1 in 1970 after Blair won the 69-70 Craven Filter series and as NZ #1 in 73-74 after Barry won the 72-73 NZ Champs. It routinely ran as #99 for Blair and #26 for Barry. The car was originally built by Don Edmunds and purchased in the USA as #3 by Blair. The restored car is owned by George Liebrand of NSW and is restored as Q99 in the livery that Blair Shepherd drove it.

restored cars21 restored cars22
(From - Restored Racers) Barry in the car on the Western Springs infield in the 1971-72 season.
(Russell Luke photo from the Allan Batt collection)
restored cars23 restored cars24
(From - Restored Racers) (From - Restored Racers)
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 The Peter Bruin VW #14


The Bruin VW was restored by John Stanley in Auckland and is owned in Taranaki by Ian Riley. Barry ran the car with mixed success during the 74-75 season and finished second in the NZ Champs and first in the Auckland Champs. Brother Max drove the car 5 years later winning the 79-80 Auckland Champs and the Coca Cola Grand National Series and was a member of the NZ midget car team in 80-81. The car was originally built by Peter Bruin in 1974 from plans he sourced from Don Edmunds and the original VW motor was also built by Bruin.

restored cars25 restored cars26
( Barry poses in the Bruin VW with the crew on the infield at Western Springs. Car owner and builder, Peter Bruin, is standing to the right of the photo.
(Bruce Kent photo, from the Willie Kay collection, from the Allan Batt collection)
restored cars27 restored cars28
( (
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 The Higgins Chevy II #30


Barry drove the Kevin Higgins-owned Chevy II (Murphy chassis) with considerable success at Liverpool Raceway in 1986 (after the surface was returned to dirt). During this period he had returned to Sydney after vacating his position as Promoter of Northline Speedway in Darwin. The car is restored and is owned by Jeffery Nelson in NSW.

restored cars29 restored cars30
( Barry poses with the Higgins Chevy II around 1990 at Parramatta on one of his sojourns across the Tasman.
(Bill Meyer photo from Just One More, The Speedway Photography of Bill Meyer by Wayne Meyer and Tony Loxley, Full Throttle Publications, NSW)
restored cars31 restored cars32
( (
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 The Gennetten VHT VW #21


The Gennetten VW was restored and is owned by Murray Kemp and is domiciled in Auckland. The car was driven by Barry during most of the 1983-84 season with the V4 Chev installed. He replaced the unreliable Chevy with a VW toward the end of the season and famously ran it with the VW power plant at his first Kumeu Easter race meeting.

restored cars33 restored cars34
( Barry ran the car with a VW motor at his first Kumeu meeting at Easter, 1984.
(Colin Irwin photo sourced from
restored cars35 restored cars36
( Murray Kemp at speed in the restored car.
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 The Ken Mullins VW #22


The Ken Mullins VW is the last car raced by Barry B. He ran it while suffering the debilitating effects of emphysema during the 91-92 season and sporadically in the first part of the 92-93 season. The car was built by Ken Mullins in 1979 and had a long racing career. Drivers included Lindsay McKillop, 1979-81; Max Butterworth, 81-89; Russell Martin, 89-92 and Ron Robinson 92-98. Ken still owns the car and it is often seen on Heritage nights and Barry B Memorial races, often with Max at the wheel.

restored cars37 restored cars38
( Barry at the wheel of the Ken Mullins VW in the 1991-92 season.
(Ian Abrahams photo, from One Tough Dude, The Barry Butterworth Story by Alan Batt, Speedway Classics, Alan Batt, Christchurch, NZ)
restored cars39 restored cars40
( Max Butterworth parading the car at the Barry Butterworth 40 lap Classic at Waikaraka Park in 2009.
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Western Springs 1946-47 Western Springs Stadium
The Heart of Australasian Speedway
restored cars49
restored cars51a
restored cars51b
restored cars51c
A large crowd is present at Western Springs watching Midget warm up on the concrete cycle track.
restored cars50
Midgets ready for action in the pits.